The Bully the Bull Foundation, established in 2017, is a minority-founded nonprofit organization dedicated to changing the culture for all youths and individuals worldwide. The Bully the Bull Foundation was founded to increase public awareness about the negative effects of bullying on our communities and households. Maurice Ballentine, the founder of the company, experienced the heartbreaking event of his daughter being bullied. Having experienced the trauma, he was determined to do more to help others who may be experiencing similar circumstances.

"I'm being bullied at school, Dad!" is the heartbreaking conversation between father and daughter that gave birth to Maurice Ballentine's Anti-Bullying Tour and breathed life into the furry mascot: 'Bully the Bull'


In an effort to deter violence in schools, online, and in communities across the country, the Bully the Bull Foundation works to reduce and prevent bullying by educating communities on the methods and behaviors that can reduce and prevent bullying. The foundation is dedicated to promoting diversity, equality, and inclusion.

Through the Bully the Bull curriculum programs in schools, workplaces, and communities, the foundation educates for prevention and provides assistance to those in need and at risk of bullying. Our youth and community will learn about effective solutions for educating them.

Founded in 2017 in Memphis, TN

Hosted “Bully the Bull Presentation at multiple elementary schools in Shelby County Schools System (Memphis)

Reached over 150,000
students in the Shelby
County School System

Traveled over 2000
miles to schools and

Maurice “Bully the Bull” Ballentine


Maurice Ballentine is a father, mentor, and community advocate who exudes high energy, enthusiasm, and a passion for positivity and change. He strives to infuse leadership, compassion, excitement, and positive energy in all he does. His focus is to bring about greater change through communication, collaboration, and education.

Yusef Berkley  


Yusef Berkley is a driven community activist and impassioned advocate working to address issues that affect our quality of life and makes communities stronger. He strives to build unity and positive energy in the community and to the youth. His focus is to bring about continued education and opportunities for growth.

Dr. Mia Howell


Dr. Howell is the CEO of Mia Howell Consulting, LLC, a firm specializing in management, business management, and executive coaching in the corporate and music/entertainment industries. She is also a Subject Matter Expert (SME) and professor at Rasmussen University, where she teaches business and leadership curricula. Dr. Howell, a retiree from Ford Motor Company and the UAW, believes, in solidarity, change is evident.

Kimberly Denise Walker


Kimberly Denise Walker is a Memphis native dedicated to helping our youths in the classroom who are experiencing the ever-growing epidemic of BULLYING. Ms. Walker has taken the stance to stand up and be a part of the proverbial solution.